Ghana Will Start Using Zipline Drone Technology to Deliver Blood Bags and Medicines.

Ghana Will Start Using Zipline Drone Technology to Deliver Blood Bags and Medicines.
After Rwanda and Tunisia, Ghana is using Zipline drone technology, small auto-pilot aircrafts, to deliver blood bags and medicines.
“Nobody in Ghana should die because he did not have access to a drug he urgently needs,” Ghanaian President Nana Akufo-Addo promised, witnessing the first flights of drones. He believes his country will develop the world’s largest drone delivery service.
In Ghana, a country of 30 million people, rural populations are often deprived of health services due to lack of infrastructure and poor road conditions.

The first drone center was opened in Omenako, 70 km from Accra, and three more will be built in the country before the end of the year by the American company Zipline who is behind the project. The centers will each be equipped with 30 drones and 150 products (drugs, vaccines, anti-venoms, surgical equipment …) to be distributed in 500 rural clinics.

Behind the name of Zipline lie great names and great ambitions. We can find such famous investors as Google Ventures, Sequoia Partners and Paul Allen (co-founder of Microsoft). The talent of engineers from the best companies in Silicon Valley also contributed to the appearance of the Zipline, the first humanitarian drone.

These humanitarian drones can be used in other countries in the future to fight against epidemics. The Zipline is a drone of ten kilos, able to ship 1.3 kilos of drugs or blood. Its range is 120 kilometers, with excellent resistance in difficult weather conditions. This drone uses GPS and the cellular network of the country to be able to move precisely. It will be necessary to wait for this summer to have the first feedbacks of this incredible adventure which should make the trending of the news!