Finland Plans to Pay Out 800 Euro a Month to Each Citizen of The Country

Finland Plans to Pay Out 800 Euro a Month to Each Citizen of The Country

There are many countries around the world that have struggling citizens. Regardless of how rick the country is, it does not guarantee that their citizens are going to be living the best life they can. That is why Finland is looking to change some things in their government to help out those who need it, as well as those who don’t. Their new plan is a more equally distributed monthly income, no matter what you do for a living, and no matter if you cannot work or if you can. This is unprecedented in many ways.

Right now, Finnish people get a welfare amount monthly if they do not work, or only work to a certain extent. What they are proposing to do is change this law to include everyone, even those who do work, and would normally be bumped out of the welfare amount. The government plans to pay out 800 Euros a month to each citizen of the country, who is still living within the borders. The general population of the country is in support of this new plan, up to 69% of them. They are all in agreement that everyone should be able to be helped if the state can do so.

The idea behind this new proposal it to make sure that everyone can work who can, without needing to pay more than they can. Some people will end up still being in debt, no matter how much they work, because their bills exceed their paycheck. Trying to reverse this will give everyone an equal opportunity to work and live without any extra worry on anyone’s part. There are other countries that have put this into practice, so it is not entirely a crazy idea. And many Finnish people are on board with this new plan.  

The whole plan is set to start taking place by next November, as there are some wrinkles to smooth out still, but it a plan that is entirely doable, and will most likely benefit not only the citizens, but the state in general. When you have more people working, you have a higher economy and a better morale throughout the country. This new plan is drawing many eyes from all over the world of people who would love to benefit from this new welfare system. Who knows, it could be something that will be seen in other countries in the future.

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