Fight Until the End

Fight Until the End

Continue to Fight

         Sometimes you must sit back and think about what you want in life. No matter, if you are a single parent, married, or married feeling like you are single. Just reflect on your life, not really thinking about what you should and would have done. It does not matter because you cannot get that time back. Focus and concentrate on your present situation; how you can make that better and how you let others influence your thoughts. Always think positive, even when it seems like the odds are stacked up against you.

You may not be what and who you want to become, however, if you know who you were and where you want to go then you will be fine. I know that your children may be driving you up the wall, work, and school work may seem overwhelming. Keep fighting, do not give up; it is only temporary and a test. In retrospect, you could be going through the same trial time and time again. Remember what you did the last time, or the lack of effort you put in and persevere. Who controls who you are and where you are going? Of course, you do, you may have not been born with a silver spoon in your mouth, but you were born with the same will as their parents. Fighting is not just a physical battle, it starts in the mind.

Experience helps the fight process, due to a person experiencing different emotions, tests, and views; makes it perfect to at least try. Try to be better than you were yesterday. If you work in customer service, then make sure you are the happiest and helpful worker that you can possibly be. Stay at home parents, ensure that you are giving your children all the love and parenting that one could possibly give. How about factory workers, create your own pace and love the “Hello” out of creating your parts or moving your line. Whoever you are and whatever walk of life your path is on, stay positive and innovative; it won’t always be like you are going through the motions. Once we quit trying to be like everyone else, then we will learn to appreciate yourself and whatever you do.

Stay self-aware, never let your guard down, and go for opportunities that you may think are outside of your reach. If you really want your life to be better, when you finish your nine to five; work on whatever you are passionate about. Write the grant that you need to start you own nonprofit, fight for your life because no one else will. Believe in yourself even when you cannot see the light; being in the darkness is only an excuse. Lean to love who you are in all your beauty, and even your failures will seem glorious. Dust your shoes off and sprint until you get to the end, or to the next step. Remember, not to ever let your situation become your circumstance, you may be down now; but once you accept where you are and strive for better; you will come out on top!