Facebook Will Deliver Free Internet to sub-Saharan Africa.

Facebook Will Deliver Free Internet to sub-Saharan Africa.

It’s a great news for the residents of Africa to know that Facebook will deliver free internet to its users through satellite but it is also an important news that this roll out would be quite limited. This is because of the partnership that Facebook have with French satellite operators Euteslat which enables it to provide internet to sub-Saharan Africa.

Facebook have made an agreement with a satellite communications firm that is known as Spacecom, and according to this contract it has been known clearly that both of these companies would use AMOS-6 to provide internet connection to all the parts of the sub-Saharan Africa. It is good news to know that it is expected that this satellite would come online in the middle of 2016. This change has also brought along some latest developments in Facebook and these changes have been organized by internet.org initiative with the goal to make internet free to those countries that actually deserves.

The best way consider for this is solar powered drones so the organization started testing these drones for delivering the free internet connection to the countries that are well developed. Recently for the mobile operators, it has also opened up its platform. This was launched in Africa back in 2013, but now in 2015 it has been available in 19 different countries of the world. Although it has been criticized a lot, it has also been said that it may hinder net neutrality in the world. According to some statements, it have also been said that the profit gained by Facebook is always used for good purposes.


According to a recent report by the UN, it has been announced that there are 57 of the population all over the globe that do not have any reliable internet connection, this population also includes ninety percent of the countries that are the poorest and can’t afford to have a good or a reliable internet connection. the opening of the broadband service has been growing so rapidly, it have also been grown dramatically in sometime but still the access to it remains quite spotty and for some it is too much expensive. According to a statement of Eutelsat, its partnership with Facebook would allow the individuals all over the globe to connect to internet through affordable hardware. It has also been added in the statement that there is too much demand for these connections in sub-Saharan Africa.

Now Facebook and Google are also looking for some other best ways to provide the best internet connection to billions of the others offline users, all these are pulled back from the plans as they have developed their own satellites. The aim of Facebook is to connect the entire globe and for this purpose, it has always been believed that a satellite is the best way. Satellites are playing the best role in addressing some specific barriers that have been existed in the connection of the people of Africa.


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