Facebook is Doing Major Improvements on Your Profile.

Facebook is Doing Major Improvements on Your Profile.

Facebook is one of the famous social media which is used by millions of individuals from all over the world as it gives a chance to share everything going in life with the friends and near ones, it is a great platform through which the individuals stay in contact with one another and get the good news of what is happening in their lives. Now there is a great news for Facebook users that after the continuous efforts to add something interesting in it, the employees are now able to offer another outstanding feature to it’s users which is a profile video.


The new feature is currently in testing phase, if it gives great result that the Facebook users can get a chance to get creative by making and uploading the videos of 7 seconds on their profiles by which they can tell their friends and the individuals around about their recent trip or any other recreational activity. The Facebook employees and the owner are sure that it is a good news everyone will enjoy. It will not be necessary that everyone has to upload the video because there will be the option of the static profile photo for the ones who will not think uploading video is interesting.

Other good news is that Facebook will now give an option to the users by which they can set a time on the profile picture after which it will revert to old, it will allow the users to set the profile picture according to the occasion or event and after the specified period of time the picture will be changed. Other than that there will also be an option to add a caption on the picture by which the user can tell about the place where he/she is or anything else important that describes the occasion.

After the changing in the Facebook, the users will have to write a short bio of themselves and the information they want to share with others in their Facebook friend list, the availability and support of emoji is included is great news for users who like to use them. The size of profile picture is small but the alteration in Facebook will leave it large, making it easy for the stalkers to see the face of the user but the privacy settings will remain the same by which the users can lock the profile picture.


The Facebook employees when asked about the changing in the Facebook profile display, they said  that they are attempting to balance out the information provided by the users that is more important to the individuals when they go through the profiles of others and according to them, the Facebook profile of the users is now less what they want and more what the others want.

The new options for sharing the great things going in life through the Facebook profile is a lot of fun for everyone and this time, Facebook has given the chance to its users enjoy like the way that no any other social media has ever given. 

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