An Exceptional Turkish Wedding Ceremony

An Exceptional Turkish Wedding Ceremony

In most parts of the world, the majority of couples when getting married, their typical traditional ceremony of the wedding usually goes by inviting the guests of the bride and the groom, setting a fancy place with luxurious decorations, inviting a band that plays some great music, a stage dance in the wedding place is a must, and most of all, providing enough delicious food to feed all the guests.

However, when a Turkish couple decided to get married, they broke down the customs of their culture and decided to take their Turkish Wedding into a whole different level. After collecting enough finance from friends and family, Fethullah Üzümcüoglu and Esra Polat, the Turkish couple, instead of hosting the typical wedding ceremony, they used it to host and serve a huge party to feed thousands of strangers in a province near the Syrian border by themselves with the help of their families and friends. Most of the strangers were Syrian refugees.


The never-done-before idea was proposed by the groom’s father, Ali Üzümcüoglu, who hopes for other couples to follow this example of weddings to help in feeding their neighbors Syrian refugees who are in need. As expected, joy and happiness was brought and overwhelmed the refugees from children to elders by the incredible marriage ceremony.

When the idea was proposed to the bride, Esra Polat, she was shocked at first, but then when she thought of it, it won her over. She said that it was a wonderful experience, and she was indeed very happy to share their wedding meal with people who are really in need. On the other hand, the groom, Fethullah Üzümcüoglu, said that seeing happiness in the eyes of the Syrian refugee children was just priceless. He went along saying that their wedding started a journey to happiness with making others happy.


The father, Ali Üzümcüoglu, of the groom, thought that sharing a big delicious dinner with family and friends is unnecessary knowing that there are so many people in need living next door, so he came up with this idea and share it with his son. He was very happy that his son and his bride accepted the idea. He was also thrilled to see the couple starting their new happy journey with such a selfless action.

The family was helped out by a charity called “Kimse Yok Mu” who helped in serving the food to the Syrian refugees. The charity also provided a food truck to the couples to serve the food. Along with the members of the charity, the family, and the couple, all the members of the reception pitched in to help in serving the food.