England Celebrates Kate Baby

England Celebrates Kate Baby

Prince William and Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton have much to celebrate on May 2, 2015, at the arrival of Kate baby princess. This is their second child together, after the young Prince George was born a couple of years ago. England has been in awe and celebration mode ever since the news hit, with bells, whistles and union jacks soaring the streets as the nation celebrate a new lineage in the longstanding royal family.

As Us Weekly reported, “The Mall in St. James’ Park has been lined with Union Jacks, and a larger Union Jack will fly at Buckingham Palace today.” It’s quite the celebration for the celebrity royal power couple William and Kate, who have been headline favorites ever since they began dating back in 2003. The two are well known, in part, for their enlarged presence in the public eye. As a result, people just enjoy being updated on the royal couple’s marriage.

In 2011, when the couple wed in Westminster Abbey, the media famously took enormous strides to keep the public informed, with almost every news outlet in the United States and the United Kingdom covering the story in some capacity. Even by the time their first child was born in 2013, people still couldn’t get enough of the lovely couple. William and Kate are most noted for their pleasant personalities and good looks. One reason this news comes as a great cause for celebration? Their children will also be in line for the royal throne by the time Queen Elizabeth II relinquish her position.

To add further celebration to the event, the Royal Mint has issued a limited run of 5 pound coins that read, “To celebrate the birth of the second child of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge,” with 500 gold and 9,500 silver pieces being produced. The Royal Mint has also reportedly “produced 2015 silver pennies which will be given to babies born on the same day as the royal baby.”

The official Twitter page for the Kensington Palace has kept eager fans around the world well informed, tweeting various information as it arrived. Some of the initial details  learned is the child was born at 8:34 am, and that “the Duke of Cambridge was present,” as well as “The Queen, The Duke of Edinburgh, The Prince of Wales & The Duchess of Cornwall, Prince Harry & members of both families have been informed.” The baby was born at 8 lbs 3oz, and that the baby and the mother are both doing really well. Everybody is healthy and spirits are high in jolly old England.