Democrat O’Malley Joined The 2016 Presidential Election Race

Democrat O’Malley Joined The 2016 Presidential Election Race

Former Democratic Governor of Maryland Martin O’Malley joined the race for the 2016 presidential election in the US on Saturday. It is time to “rebuild the American dream,” said Mr O’Malley, 52, who is still largely unknown on the national political scene.

Since the city of Baltimore, where he was mayor for seven years, he denounced the stagnation of incomes of the American middle class. He also pinned “extreme poverty that leads to extreme violence” as that experienced Baltimore a few weeks ago, after the death of a young Black detained by police. “70% of Americans earning as much or less for twelve years,” he denounced in bright sunshine and in front of hundreds of people.

Mr. O’Malley criticized “the increasing concentration” of economic power in large companies, “I have news” for the elite of Wall Street, “the presidency is not a crown that can be passed and ironed between two royal families,” he said, referring to the words of CEO Goldman Sachs giving a blank check to a candidate of the Conservative Jeb Bush, as a Clinton candidacy.

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The White House has already been given to Bill Clinton and two members of the Bush dynasty. No hard feelings, Hillary Clinton Saturday tweeted a message to his challenger: “Welcome to the race, Gov. O’Malley. Looking forward to discussing strong families and communities”.

According to the website of Time Magazine, Martin O’Malley called on Clinton before announcing his candidacy for a qualified maintenance brief and cordial, according to two sources who had to deal with this conversation.


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