College Education Debt-Free!! Is This Possible ?

College Education Debt-Free!! Is This Possible ?

Are you a student pursuing your studies in America? Finding it difficult to deal with the massive loans you have had to get for getting into college? Your trouble is over then. Those willing to pursue College studies in America grab a seat because you are going to get the news of your lifetime. Hillary Rodham Clinton, the United States Presidential contender has unveiled a $350 billion plan towards making college life easier for students and their parents. This huge plan and the huge amount would mean the affordability and the eradication of education debts which the students and their parents have to get to make their wishes come true.

Meeting held in New Hampshire, saw Clinton take monumental steps towards helping the students’ cause. America is known to be the most prominent country when it comes to student loans particularly for four year college studies. The step aimed at making two year community college fees almost negligible and free too in most of the colleges, reducing the four year college fees and last but not the least, bringing an end to the high interest rate the students have had to pay in the past.

$200 billion incentive system is meant to make States enhance their investments in the education field. With investments rising in the higher education and ultimately reducing student cost, States will be liable to receiving funds from the federal government. The states particularly where community colleges are free and no-loan policy for colleges exists are on the list of those benefiting from the federal funds.

It is not just Ms. Hillary Clinton who has announced such a plan, some politicians particularly the Presidential contenders have already announced their plans of this sort making college education debt-free removing a great burden from the American families’ heads. Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders has already made his plan public this May with a $70 billion dedicated towards removing the financial stress most of the American families suffer from.

Low income students would be able to get free education whereas others will pay their living expenses benefiting from the 10-year Clinton plan. The benefits student will get from this plan will depend only on their circumstances and also the colleges they opt for. Where some will get full fee waiver, it would be a debt-free education for those who can afford it. Even this is more than enough for those who have had to pay heavily owing to the high interest rates on loans.

Private universities which help low income students graduate without having to beg for huge loans or scholarships will also be among the list of those getting federal funds for improving their standards and graduation rates. The republicans and politicians as always have criticized this step of Hillary Clinton but it is not the case for the most of us. Students are happy with the positive step taken towards their bright future is what they are seeing instead of political fuss. Don’t know about the other folks, students are casting their votes for Clinton this time!