Canada “opened her heart” for the Syrian refugees

Canada “opened her heart” for the Syrian refugees

On Thursday, December 10th, in Canada arrived the first military plane carrying 163 Syrian refugees. The newly elected Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said that it was a wonderful night and to show the world how to “open our hearts” and welcoming people who are going through an extraordinarily difficult situation.

This was only the first wave. This week, a total of 300 refugees are expected to arrive in Canada and as the government pledged – 25,000 by the end of February 2016. Trudeau also said that, every single Syrian who came and will be coming to Canada, should feel like a Canadian, to be able to build a life of their own, for themselves, and for their families and help to contribute with the continuing growth of Canada.

Source of the video : AJ+ Youtube Channel

The second plane is scheduled to arrive in Montreal on Saturday. That will be a total of 300. Over the next four weeks, Canada is planning to take in 10,000 Syrian refugees. They will all have social insurance numbers, health cards, and with the opportunity to become full Canadians.

The decision that Canada made in helping about this issue is totally different from the one the United States made. The US has been unwilling to take in refugees. Not only that but, all the 10 provinces in Canada are accepting and will be welcoming the Syrian refugees. Agencies among 36 cities have already made agreements for resettlement.

The former Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, had refused to take any more Syrian refugees in the country, but the issue spread when the body of a 3-year-old Syrian boy was found on a Turkish beach. The father of the boy claimed that Canada rejected their asylum application.

Hundreds of refugees have arrived in Canada since the begging of November via commercial aircraft. On Wednesday, December 9th, at a press conference, Trudeau asked the opposition leaders to join him in welcoming the Syrian refugees at Pearson Airport.The airlift that arrived on Thursday is just the begging of the ambitious program for resettlement that the Liberals promised during their election campaign.

Trudeau was quoted saying that, in Canada people are not defined by their skin color, religion or any background. People are defined by the shared set of values they possess. He also added:  “They step off the plane as refugees, but they walked out of this terminal as the permanent residence of Canada.” This is truly a great moment for Canada.

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