Calbuco Volcano Eruption Resulted No Deaths So Far

Calbuco Volcano Eruption Resulted No Deaths So Far

Chile Volcano Explosion- Calbuco Bursts after 43 Years

Nature is an extremely powerful phenomena. It might be at rest for thousands of years, but always retains the power to shake the world. The similar power effect of nature came to be seen recently in the form of a volcanic eruption in Chile.

Chile- A Home of Voclanoes

Chile, also known as the Republic of Chile, is located in the southwest of the South American continent. Geographical mapping of this country shows it to be a narrow land strip between the Andes mountains and the Pacific ocean. The country is known for its numerous volcanoes, 90 of which are still active.  Lying dormant since 1972, Chile’s Calbuco volcano has exploded after 43 years, leaking a huge blur of ash in the atmosphere.

Who’s at the Risk?

The maximum effect of this volcanic eruption is likely to be on the nearby destinations. This huge volcanic eruption in Southern Chile led authorities to pass orders for evacuating the town of Ensenada inhabited by 1,500 people. The volcano is also in the vicinity of the cities of Santiago (the capital of Chile), Puerto Montt and Puerto Varas. A high alert has been issued by the National Mining and Geographical Service Authorities and a ban has been imposed in these areas.

Calbuco Volcano Terror

The height of Calbuco volcano is 6,500 feet. It is considered as one of the three most dangerous volcanoes in Chile. The major damage exercised by this volcanic eruption is in the form of loads of ash that contains a large amount of Carbon dioxide and other lethal gases. However, no lava is spotted anywhere.

Since it was inactive for 43 years, its eruption came as a big surprise. Regional emergency authorities claimed this calamity to be totally unexpected and declared that they were least prepared for it.