Buy Buttons In Google and Pinterest !!

Buy Buttons In Google and Pinterest !!

Always thinking of ways and methods to enhance the revenues, Google and other major websites keep on producing something new not just for their benefit but for the public also. Previously making major portion of their earnings through offering ads and some other services like Google Pay, Play Store etc., Google has introduced the buy buttons for its users to make instant purchases following Twitter.In addition to Twitter and Google, Pinterest has also made the ‘buy it’ button available for its users for making direct and smooth purchases thereby adding to its revenue.

Meant for enhancing the revenues, the buy button is definitely an easier and swifter purchases over internet. Particularly, if you have opened the web for looking some elegant and beautiful wrist watches, the buy button will give you an option to buy it with a single search, with Google giving you a number of options to buy from. Impressed by some item while reading the tweets of your favourite celebrity, click the buy button and there you have it.


The celebrity’s paradise, Twitter was the first of all the sites introducing the buy button, introducing the service last year.The number of retail partners has been limited: the buy button is available for only the selected tweets from partner retailers. If you choose to tap buy button for your favourite item, Twitter directs you to its own checkout page. Twitter has just focused on taking orders and payment processing, not the fulfilment: it is up to the partner retailers. Twitter made it clear at the launch that there will be a small number of partner companies and artists which will increase with time.

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The search giant, Google has also revealed the instigation of Purchases with Google in the last week. There will be sponsored content for Shop on Google in your search results: these are from partner retailers like Finish line.If you decide to buy any of those items, your purchase will be made through Google. One thing is to be made clear i.e. this item does not belong to Google, fulfilment of orders will be handled by the partner retailers. Google will cater for payment information only. Purchase with Google is in its testing phase with only a few retailers and users, the numbers will increase by the end of 2015.

Home of the best fashion tips around and stylish home décor ideas, Pinterest has also initiated its own selling business with its ‘buy it’ button. Items tagged with blue price scheme can be purchased via Pinterest. The ‘buy it’ button best suits to this go-to site because of its assortment of beauty and fashion products etc. The scheme is same as with other websites offering purchases, Pinterest deals with order taking and payment processing whereas fulfilment is the headache of the partner retailers. Pinterest app also enables iPhone and iPad users to make their purchases via Apple Pay. Pinterest has made shopping much easier with its alert message when a pin is available for sale and also the price filters if you have a limited budget.


Not just these website, hopefully many more are on the verge of starting their own selling business via their websites.

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