Buy a Car Like Buying a Coke From the Vending Machine.

Buy a Car Like Buying a Coke From the Vending Machine.

Shopping for a car is something that many people love to be able to do. You can see exactly what style you are going to want for the future, and between features and functions, it can be a very fun afternoon spent finding the best car for you. We typically go to the car dealership and when we choose the car we want to buy, the dealer brings it to us, keys in hand, and you can drive off of the lot, with the dealership’s logo in your rear view mirror. But now, there may be a new way of getting that car you want.

Carvana is a recently founded company who is looking to change the way that you get your car. They have created what is basically a large vending machine for automobiles. This vending machine holds many different makes and models, and the idea is that you have a more futuristic look to it, as well as save space in a vertical tower instead of a wide spread parking lot.

The large automobile vending machine holds twenty different cars that will be delivered to you upon your choosing. The retail company supplies you with a special coin to use in the coin slot of the vending machine, and from there, you can choose your car that you want, and what type of delivery bag you want yours to arrive in. When you make your final decision, you will have your new car come to you via a robotic system within the tower.

It is all very futuristic, and people have even referred to it as a sales gimmick, and it kind of is, but there are many practical purposes behind it. Like stated, it does take up less space as a tall tower compared to a sprawling lot. Not only that, but they are working to keep the amount of car choices down, so people looking to buy are not overwhelmed with everything available.

Whether this take hold around the country or not, they are certainly making a splash in many areas. The future is upon us now, and pretty soon, we will be shopping for hologram cars from a tablet, and they will be delivered to our homes the very afternoon. With so many new innovations out there in the world today, things like this are getting harder and harder to call an impossible situation. Carvana is making steps in the futuristic direction.

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