Buckingham Palace Opened For The Visitors

Buckingham Palace Opened For The Visitors

The official residence of the Queen in London, Buckingham Palace has now been opened for the visitors to see the extravagant Palace. The Palace has been the working headquarter for the Queen, where she looks after her official duties. Home for the British monarchs since 1897, Buckingham Palace has been a major tourist attraction. As the Queen enjoys her holidays in Scotland, the Place will see thousands of visitors pleasuring their eyes.

Buckingham Palace
The Palace hosts more than 62000 visitors of all sorts every year, including the sporting teams as well as Heads of States. The more familiar Royal Garden is known for all types of parties arranged by the Royal family in the honour of people. Around 120 members of public are invited to Investiture ceremony in which they are awarded with honour. There are about 25 Investitures held each year at the Ballroom of the mighty Buckingham Palace.

1993 was the first instance when State rooms were opened for public. The most important and interesting thing this year is that the visitors will be passing through the Grand Entrance…yes it is the same Entrance which has seen thousands of Sovereigns and dignitaries from around the world enter the heart of British monarchy: Buckingham Palace. Having received an invitation to Buckingham Palace is mind blowing, passing through the Grand Entrance puts icing on the cake. This is only the first instance when visitors are allowed to pass through the Grand Entrance.

Although, renovations are being carried out in the Royal Palace to keep it up to the mark, the Palace will still host its visitors in an unforgettable style. A renovation cost of $250 million is expected to make the noble Palace even more aristocratic. Home of the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh, Buckingham Palace is a true marvel and a treat to watch. The curvy stairs in the Grand Hall, the Royal Garden and the exquisite Ballroom decorated elegantly mesmerize the visitors.

A Place which has seen hundreds of patrician people is definitely worth visiting. Several items will be on display for the visitors to treat their eyes. From the personal jewellery and the dresses of Queen to the presents gifted to Her Majesty, there will be an extravaganza of the royal items which you won’t have the chance to see again if you miss this opportunity.

This 775 rooms Palace with 52 Royal Bedrooms and 19 State Rooms truly depicts the British glory dating back even centuries. The Buckingham Palace houses 92 offices that are used for supporting daily duties of the Royal Family members, the Duke of Edinburgh and last but not the least, the Queen. The Throne Room which once saw the Court gatherings during the regime of Queen Victoria now serves for extremely special occasions and sometimes for formal photographs particularly for weddings. 62000 guests entered this grand Palace last year and the same numbers are expected this year to be welcomed by the Royal Family.