Batman vs. Superman The Movie (set for March 2016)

Batman vs. Superman The Movie (set for March 2016)

Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice isn’t due in theaters for over another year, but the first teaser trailer was released earlier this week to a surprising slew of mixed reactions. Several fans seem perplexed at the dark, brooding tone of the film overall, while others are hesitant to make any irrational judgment calls this early, based off a two-minute teaser trailer.

The surefire blockbuster, set for March 25, 2016, hasn’t been impervious to controversy prior to the release of the trailer. In August 2013, when actor Ben Affleck was announced as the titular Batman, fans were horrified based off Affleck’s hit-or-miss track record. With box office disasters under his Batbelt such as Gigli and Reindeer Games, fans of the masked superhero were calling for his removal from the casting call sheet. The studio backed their decision to hire the new and improved actor, who has taken great strides to improve his image with films like 2012’s Best Picture Winner Argo, which Affleck also directed.

However, the Batman vs. Superman casting controversy has been lifted by some, who can now see Affleck has the “look” of the fictional, billionaire caped crusader after getting a glimpse of him in the role during the premier trailer.

Here is the trailer:

The plot of Batman vs. Superman has yet to be officially announced, but going off the trailer, one can assume there’s much tension involved around the globe as the orphaned alien Superman settles in his new planet after the events of 2013’s Man of Steel. In that film, audiences were also divided over the superhero’s shining new debut underneath the rubble of nonstop CGI-induced violence.

According to film critic website Rotten Tomatoes, Man of Steel received a 55% approval rating from critics but a significantly improved rating of 76% among general moviegoers. Batman vs. Superman was announced at San Diego Comic-Con in July of 2013, to much approval of audiences who have longed to see the two superstar heroes battle it out on the silver screen. Director

Zack Synder, who has previously directed box office hits such as Man of Steel and 300, later announced the Superman sequel will take inspiration from the comic series The Dark Knight Returns, which features an elderly Batman who has returned to crime fighting after retiring. The government orders Superman to stop him, and thus, the all-out battle ensues. Batman naturally evens the playing field with Superman’s one weakness, kryptonite. Time will tell which elements of the comic book this film borrows for its plot, but sure enough, when Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice hits theaters next year, fists will fly and ticket sales will soar.