Azza Faiad Discovered a Greener Alternative of Today’s Fuel

Azza Faiad Discovered a Greener Alternative of Today’s Fuel

Everywhere in the world, the consumption of plastic is enormously increasing. People buy plastic bottles, plastic bags, and plastic utensils and so on, every single day. The issue concerning this assumption is that where all the plastic goes after we throw it in the trash. The answer to the latter is shocking. However, the discovery that was made by an Egyptian girl who is still a student could solve the issue and make use of plastic trash.

Azza Faiad, a girl, who is still a student from Egypt, has made a discovery that could eliminate the whole world from all plastic trash that exists in every part of the world and turns it into something beneficial. Following her discover that got attention of the Egyptian Petroleum Research Institute, the latter gave her access to a lab and its researchers in order to achieve her goal.


Faiad discovered a catalyst that exist in large amounts and that is also very inexpensive called aluminisilicate. The latter can largely reduces the cost of converting plastic waste into gases such as propane and methane. Scientifically speaking, those gases can be turned into ethanol, which according to some scientists is also called “biofuel”.

Unlike other renewable and common energy sources that are very usable and also polluted today, biofuels are energy sources made from living things, or the waste that living things produce. They can be used to help meet transportation fuel needs along with so many other uses. There are two most common types of biofuels in use today; they are biodiesel and as mentioned before ethanol. Originally ethanol is an alcohol, the same as in beer and wine, however, ethanol used as a fuel is modified and therefore undrinkable.

Following her discovery, Azza Faiad, was honored by The European Union Contest for Young Scientists with a prize for her work and she is now working on a patent for her trash to fuel process. Her discovery is not only beneficial to her country but also in every country that suffers from the over existence of plastic trash.

Because of tons of plastic trash produced every year, this discovery could clean up the world from all plastic trash and could also make use of petrol gases less. Comparing to how much petrol gases are polluted concerning how much toxic gases they produce such as carbon, there is no doubt that biofuels are the green alternative.

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