Autopilot Functionality in Tesla Model S Cars is Good News

Autopilot Functionality in Tesla Model S Cars is Good News

No matter what your standing is on the automobile industry, or even the technology industry, there is a lot of big news coming out of both areas lately. With so much innovation by huge technology giants, the good news that everyone is talking about is the idea of a self driving car. Certain companies have been working on this technology for a while and Tesla seems to have scored big this week with their autopilot function on some of their cars. This is something that not anyone else has been successful with yet.

Tesla announced this week that after a lot of work and time, they have finally created something that will help their Model S cars run on a sort of autopilot system. This means that the technology found inside is helping the existing sensors that are in the car to control the proper speed, braking, and steering on an open highway. This is great news for a company that has a very small staff. Regardless of their staff size, they have been able to create something that is leaps and bounds ahead of any other company out there right now. Not even Google has something like this yet.

Essentially this new autopilot function makes sure that the car basically thinks for itself in a way. It will know how fast to go, when to stop, and it is meant to seriously decrease the amount of rear end accidents as well as fatal accidents a year. That number stands at around 33,000 and the company is trying their best to find a way to lower that. If the car can think for itself and essentially drive, its sensors are better at detecting when to stop, than say a distracted driver is.

After spending years in research and development, this little company has given it all of their attention to come up with something that will not only benefit the technology industry, but the driving one as well. The idea that a car can drive itself has always been in the minds of everyone and now it is becoming more of a clear reality. While there is still some work to do, Tesla feels confident with all that they have achieved now and they are looking to further expand their work and keep honing it. This will help everyone in the future, and it is a wonderful thing to see just where it goes from here.

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