Austria: A Leading Producer of Renewable Energy

Austria: A Leading Producer of Renewable Energy

The country of Austria has nine states, and just recently, one of those states has made some big news in the world of energy produced from renewable. Lower Austria is this state, and it is fairly new in this game, but it has already made huge progress and has easily jumped to the top of the pile in terms of production of energy. The country’s largest state is now confident enough to say that they are using 100% of their energy from renewable energy sources, something no one else around the world can say yet.

Because the large Danube River flows through the small country, and coincidentally right through the state, the state has already been using that for some hydroelectric power thanks to the very strong river current. For years they were using this as their one way of getting energy, and it is now up to 70% of where they actually get their energy from. They have now harnessed the use of other energy sources, such as wind, sun, and even biomass to make up the rest of the energy they need. These renewable sources give them much more efficient ways of providing their people with the power they need.

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They are definitely not the first country to start delving in to different sources from energy. It was announced recently that Morocco plans on building one of the largest solar panel fields to produce their energy for the country. And Norway has been using these tricks to source their energy as well.  While other countries are trying to do the same thing, it is not always easy depending on their location, what is available, and how much money they have to invest.

Austria is looking to capitalize on this good news at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris later this month. They can confidently go in and show those who want to know more, about how all of this was achieved. Maybe, after others see that it can be done, they can start to make plans to do their own renewable energy source production in their own countries. The industry is slowly coming along, and there are more advances now than even ten years ago, but the world still has a long way to work if they want to make sure that that is the only source of energy we use in the future.

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