Hope for Global Masses Who Have No Access to Wi-Fi.

Hope for Global Masses Who Have No Access to Wi-Fi.

Hope might be here at last for poor masses all over the world that do not have any access to Wi-Fi-empowered internet networks. Global giant, Google, has announced that it is almost concluding its Project Loon which has encircling most of the world’s stratosphere with internet-beaming balloons as its goal. BBC reported the Company as saying that the project when finally completed will enable third world masses that leave below the balloons’ path to enjoy continuous internet data services. The plan has a lot more benefits in comparison to alternative solutions.

4G to Replace 3G Speeds:

The super pressure balloons first made public by Google in 2013, with New Zealand as the launching center then, provided data speeds that were 3G. But the current update can provide up to 10MG per second as compared to the 5MG per second that is obtained in developed nations. That means the world will get 4G speeds via antennas that will receive signals on land.

Attached under each of the updated balloons which are not as heavy as air are;

  • A location tracker (GPS) and one flight computer.
  • Solar panels for powering the whole apparatus.
  • A third radio which shall back-up the two radio transmitters that are responsible for receiving and sending streams of data.
  • Another apparatus for controlling altitude. It shall be responsible for increasing or decreasing the balloons’ altitude so it locates winds for maintaining directions.


Other Improvements:

  • Former balloons lasted for only 5, 7 or 10 days in the stratosphere while the update can last for over 187 days said Mike Cassidy, Google’s Project Loon Vice president to the BBC.
  • The process for launching the balloons has also been greatly enhanced. In the past, 14 people spent as much as 1 to 2 hours before they could launch a single balloon but now an automated crane being used requires just 2 to 3 people to launch one at 15 intervals.
  • The balloons are sent into the stratosphere at over 60,000ft after packed full of helium gas.
  • Every balloon that the wind blows out of connection range is spontaneously substituted by an alternative.

With Google’s plan to form a continuous ring of Wi-Fi enabled internet connection around the whole world, the average masses of third world nations can hope to have their lack of access to Wi-Fi data services become a thing of the past.

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