Apple TV Will Be in Many Homes by Next Week.

Apple TV Will Be in Many Homes by Next Week.

After Apple’s September announcement that their Apple TV was being upgraded and would start hitting homes very soon, everyone was curious as to when this would all happen. Apple has always strove to innovate and modernize the technology we already have and use today, and their Apple TV is not going to change their plans at all. The CEO, Tim Cook said that orders for the highly anticipated TV will be able to be made starting on this upcoming Monday, and their hope is to get them shipped starting next week as well.

This is great news for all Apple fans that are looking to have the new and modern television set. For many people, the idea of television has changed from what it used to be, and if you can have an innovative TV in your house, why wouldn’t you take that chance?  The idea behind Apple TV is to make viewing easier in your home and to spend less time flipping through channels or talking to the cable company to get new channels.

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For fans of Apple and the new Apple TV, they are thrilled to make their orders and finally have this innovative box in their house. With so many features, the television set will provide more than just television entertainment. There is a range of storage space and choices between models. Not to mention, the amount of new apps that can be found on the Apple TV box are numerous, and it really goes to show just how apps are becoming a part of our everyday lives. We cannot go anywhere without having them on our phones, tablets, computers, and now our televisions.

If you are looking at the lowest amount of space (32GB), therefore it will be at the lowest price, that will set you back $149, which is comparatively more than their competition, but their competition has far less in terms of features and what it can do. The 64GB box comes in at $199, and is by far the most expensive television box on the market today.

Anyone can see that Apple has once again taken their innovation to the next level. They look to give people a new and different experience every time they get a new Apple product, and the TV is no different. Fans that have been waiting months are likely going to be over the moon once their box arrives to their house.  The future is now, and it will be interesting to see where Apple takes it from here.

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