Apple Is All Set To Launch The Latest iPhone 6S and iPhone 7

Apple Is All Set To Launch The Latest iPhone 6S and iPhone 7

Apple Inc. has dependably been attempting to discover ways and intends to comfort its buyers. Creating sound and cheerful relations with its clients, Apple Inc. continuously hopes to guarantee consumer loyalty. With contenders likewise attempting to compete fiercely, Apple has been matchless in giving quality services to its customers since the very beginning. With top notch Apple cell phones like iPhone 6 and 6 plus launched last year, Apple is all set to launch the latest iPhone 6s and iPhone 7.


The date of launch is still unclear as Apple authorities have not yet announced the dates and also the handset models which are going to be presented to the world. Previous history of the company shows that September 08, or the 9th is going to be grand event. Following the traditions of the last few years, September seems to be the month of the grand launch. However the final announcement is Apple’s to make. The decision of launch will be made in the keynote speeches of Tim Cook- the Apple Chief Executive and other important personalities like Phil Schiller (Senior Vice President Marketing) and Eddy Cue (Senior Vice President Internet Software and Services).

The handsets will feature the Apple’s latest iOS 9 which has already been decided in the Worldwide Developer’s Conference held in June this year. An assortment of amazing and sizzling features are known to be a part of these handsets which are already making the headlines. With the iPhones already been considered blockbusters, iPhone 6s and iPhone 7 promise to be astonishing with scintillating features.

One thing is sure, Apple plans to launch two cell phones: one with 4.7 inch display and other with 5.5 inch. The big ambiguity in the mind of tech world is that whether Apple launches iPhone 6s with iPhone 7 or does it go with a 6s and 6 plus combo.Updated Siri, better battery life, improved Maps, News and Notes applications are notable changes in the upcoming versions of iPhones.Rumours suggest that another iPhone-6c can also be expected this year owing to the leaked pictures on the Apple’s website.The tech giants uploaded pictures which looked like a newer version of iPhone 5c with updated features particularly the touch ID sensor. However, nothing can be said about the rumours as the photos have been long deleted from the site.


Being still unclear as to what Apple might bring onto the scene, we can only guess until we get something official from Apple’s office. However, this is certainly a great news for people all around the world because Apple always produces the best.According a report from Wall Street Journal, Apple is going for a record number of iPhone releases this year with numbers increasing from 70-80 million to 85-90 million. Force Touch Technology is going to make its debut with the latest handsets from Apple. The app detects the keystroke pressure and performs the tasks accordingly. With the updated camera specs you certainly won’t be needing a DSLR for capturing your moments…you are going to love these new iPhones!

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