Apple Introduce The Apple Watch

Apple Introduce The Apple Watch

If you’ve managed to steer clear from any technology news in the last several months, then you might not yet be aware that Apple has created its own watch. The Apple Watch is a clever and innovatively designed addition to Apple’s already tech supply. With their new watch, Apple boasts the tagline, “Our most personal device yet” and they’re not kidding.

The Apple Watch is exclusively linked to your iPhone, so it’s essential to own one in order to get the most out of the watch. With that said, reviews and product information determines that the watch functions as a much needed extension for the on-the-go types.

The most basic model starts at $350, while the most expensive can be in the 10,000’s. As the product becomes much more integrated in Apple’s ever-growing tech world, you can expect those prices to drop to accommodate most iPhone users.

But the question on everyone’s mind is, does the Apple Watch hold up to the company’s longstanding high standards? The Watch was released this month and yes, the reviews have been glowing.

Farhad Manjoo of the New York Times took the Apple Watch for a test drive and came back with some high marks on the new product. While he did mention that it took him a few days to get used to the relatively complex system, once he had grown used to the interface, he began to see a significant purpose behind the wearable mini-computer: “By notifying me of digital events as soon as they happened, and letting me act on them instantly, without having to fumble for my phone, the Watch became something like a natural extension of my body.” In other words, this means a quicker, much more convenient way of keeping up with both your professional and personal lives. If you receive a text message, for instance, you can glance at your wrist and decide whether you have the time to respond at that moment.

There are certainly downsides to the Apple Watch. As Manjoo and other reviewers have stated, it does take some time getting used to. For instance, the windup dial on the side doesn’t change the time as a normal watch would. Instead, it zooms in and out of your screen interface. However, these are small and overall insignificant differences in the world of technology that users have so far had no problem adapting to. In the end, it’s worth a try. With the Apple Watch, your favorite tech company has once again knocked a timeless concept out of the park with innovative and highly beneficial application.

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