Apple Has Given The Green Signal For Apple Pay

Apple Has Given The Green Signal For Apple Pay

The latest service by Apple Inc., Apple Pay was on its way to be launched this July. This has been confirmed accidentally by HSBC Bank via tweets from their official Twitter account. Apple Pay is set to be launched on this Tuesday, 14th July. There has been great buzz about the launch of this impressive contactless payment method by Apple Inc. However, it wasn’t sure as when exactly will it hit the market. Apple is yet to announce the date of launch officially.

So all set for the grand launch of the service as Apple has given the green signal and is also confirmed by HSBC bank and a few retailers in their memos. According to the leaked memos 14th July is going to be the red letter day for the United Kingdom locals. Local shops and retailers which accept contactless payment systems seem to be excited a great deal just before the grand day. There have been stickers for Apple Pay service that have been added by shops thereby confirming that they would accept Apple Pay for their products.

This definitely is a great news for iPhone and Apple watch owners of UK that have also been waiting for the launch anxiously. People and the banks, retailers alike have been waiting for the prime moment after the announcement of the launch of Apple Pay in the UK in the developer’s conference in San Francisco last month.

The service will be available in the UK for the first time outside of US on iPhone 6 or higher and Apple Watch. The service will also be available on iPad Air 2 or iPad mini 3. Just tap and pay using your device. Purchasing items wasn’t so easy: no headache whatsoever now with the Apple Pay service thanks to Apple.

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No news about whether the service will be ready after some update by Apple or will automatically be switched on after its launch. After the launch, users will just have to load the card details into their devices and tap to pay after fingerprint authorisation using this contactless payment service.
Apple has mentioned the service to be launched in around 250000 locations throughout United Kingdom and the terms have already been decided with all the major banks except Barclays. Major retailers and top-notch brands have already given their consent to use Apple Pay after its launch in the UK. Boots, Marks and Spencer, op hotels and major airlines, credit and debit card companies like Visa Europe, MasterCard and American Express and almost all the shops where contactless payment method is available are among those who will be using Apple Pay after its launch.

The purchase limit is initially £20 which would increase afterwards. The same is going to be the maximum charge for contactless payment cards which is also expected to increase by £10 in September. Apple claims this service to be more secure than normal purchases and it works fine both online and in shops. Apple as always has come up with an impressive and admirable service to make people comfortable.

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