Android Security Updates Revealed By Google and Samsung

Android Security Updates Revealed By Google and Samsung

Not too long ago, it was revealed that most Android users were subject to a very possible, and very simple at that, viral attack. The hacker could send a false text message with a particular coding, and it doesn’t even have to be seen by the user, and soon its activated. As far as hacking goes, it’s a pretty basic method. The easy nature of the vulnerability as prompted Android to finally begin monthly security updates to a majority of their devices, which has thus far been pretty unheard of. Android isn’t like Apple, who runs all of their updates themselves. Most of the time, Android phones must be updated through the carrier and the device provider, which makes for a complicated relationship. Apple often sends security updates to their devices, and being one of the most notably secure operating servers available, it seems that their example is finally be taken up by their main competitor.

This is great news because it makes for a safer digital experience. Our smartphones hold a lot of personal data, including passwords, bank records and email accounts. The safer that system stays, the safer our identities are from hacking predators.

Max Eddy of PC Magazine revealed another reason for celebration: “”Hundreds of millions of devices will be updated in the next few days,” said Ludwig. That’s especially welcome news because Drake submitted patches when he disclosed the vulnerability to Google. It was expected that those patches would take many more weeks to find their way to users who don’t use Nexus phones, potentially leaving millions without the means to protect themselves from Stagefright.” Stagefright, the assumed name of the vulnerability in the Android devices, was originally going to remain in the open for awhile as Android and the carriers worked on a patch.

Thankfully they’ve been hard at work on fixing this patch so we’ll all be safe again soon. Also, if you are an Android user and are worried that you may currently be vulnerable, you can check your device’s specifications at the following address: The Android Security Updates announcement seems to not have come at a better time. As users are becoming more dependent on their devices, the more crucial it is for our information to be protected. Hopefully, in addition to the monthly updates, this will also be a firm reminder to individuals to be careful with what they share with their device. Even big head companies like Android can occasionally let security slip.