Amazon entering the music streaming Ring By Amazon Prime Music

Amazon entering the music streaming Ring By Amazon Prime Music

Not too long ago, streaming music became a much more popular and affordable option to downloading or buying music from iTunes or your local music store. It makes sense: Pay a monthly service and you have access to a nearly unlimited library of music. Instead of having a bunch of CDs lying around the house or a whole bunch of space on your hard drive taken up by downloaded albums, you could just listen to the music via wifi or cellular data.

Ever since the game has changed, several companies have tried putting their hands in the proverbial cookie jar and get in on the highly lucrative emerging empire. Apple recently sought to compete against music streaming services, namely Spotify, Pandora and even Songza. Critics received Apple Music rather well, considering the service is hardly different than any of the other providers. Now, in a gigantic twist, Amazon has revealed plans to streamline a powerful streaming program for music fans. The monthly subscription is not only cheaper than Spotify and Apple Music, but it’s also coming up close on its tail.

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Japser Hamill of the Daily Mail reports that Amazon Prime Music’s streaming service is already the third most used service, quickly gaining on the conglomerates Spotify and Apple Music. Hamill also reminds us that while Amazon Prime Music’s annual membership is not only cheaper, but it also comes with extras that Spotify and Apple Music subscriptions do not: “However, the cost includes all the benefits of Amazon Prime: cheaper, faster delivery, access to 15,000 streaming movies and a borrowing library of about 800,000 Kindle books.” This is great news because now you’re getting more for your money. Not only can you stream music, but you have access to several movies and books.

Paul Firth, the head of Amazon Music in the UK, was quoted in the Telegraph to say, “We know, through having spent 15 years selling music to people, that there are a lot of customers who really love music but for whom £120 a year is a lot of money, so to be able to offer them that music streaming service as part of a £79-a-year package, along with all those other benefits, that offers great value to our customers.” Ultimately, Amazon is looking to create a unique user experience that’ll certainly make Apple, Spotify and all the other streaming services sweat a little. Perhaps we’ll see the competitors try to offer extra incentives as well, in order to keep up? It’ll be interesting to see how it plays out in the end.