About Us

 About Us:
Great News Magazine strives to search for good news around the world, whether they are great accomplishments, Stories, inventions… any positive news that can motivate people and make them happy. We ignore all bad thoughts and we absolutely don’t share any negative news, rumors or scandals. Our mission is clear, great things are happening and we will make sure to share them with everyone.
The side of the world that we’ll be focusing on is the brighter, more joyful side. The one that is actually worth spending a few minutes each day on and not regret it afterwards. The one that will make you smile instead of frown, laugh instead of cry.
Who We Are:
We are an extraordinary league of ambitious rebels
We refuse to follow the torrent of negativity
We plant the seeds of positivism and we yell
So loud that will break the ice of passivity
We are the loyal word of truth
Looking for the best and ignoring the worst
We sacrifice our energy, our youth
To make the news that matter come first
We promote the good thoughts and the great accomplishments
We look for the ones who act
We don’t need scandals, catastrophes or terrifying announcements
To captivate our readers and make them react
Our intentions are simple and clear
The world is doing well and we will be sure that everyone know it
Spreading the positive energy will force the other one to disappear
Even if our bodies fail us, we will continue with our spirits
Yasser El Hardouz