10 Millions Nintendo Wii U Units Sold

10 Millions Nintendo Wii U  Units Sold

Ten millions it is finally- the number of Nintendo Wii U units sold by the gaming giant. Wii U currently ranked third among the console market has surpassed the milestone of 10 million sales of the gaming console. The achievement was reported by the company this Wednesday when the company released its earnings report. Nintendo achieved the important breakthrough on 30th June almost three years after the launch of the product.


It’s been a mixed year if we talk of the products sales mustered by Nintendo. Wii U sales during the last quarter were reported to be 510,000 units, which is more than the sales in fiscal quarter this year i.e. 470,000. Nintendo has been left far behind by the rival companies like Sony and Microsoft. The time taken by the competitors to achieve the landmark of 10 million sales of their products like PlayStation 4 and Xbox One clearly explains the scenario. Sony achieved the feat of 10 million sales for its product- PlayStation 4 within a year whereas Microsoft reported their 10 millionth sale of Xbox One units after one year. The situation has been quite alarming for the gaming company Nintendo which once was the leading game provider throughout the world.

3DS, a portable gaming device produced by Nintendo, seems to have gained the attraction more than Wii U, with its sales increasing from 820,000 to over a million this year. Wii U with its gamepad and HD graphics was thought to follow the footsteps of its predecessor Wii which was a huge success for Nintendo as it stayed the prime gaming paradise for game lovers for a long time. Unfortunately, Wii U could not enact as much success as expected.


A major reason for Nintendo’s decline is the tendency of people to play games on their tablets and smartphones rather than keeping a device merely for gaming. I mean who doesn’t want comfort when you have the best games available on your smartphone? Also the death of Satoru Iwata, the leader of Nintendo, has been a huge setback for the company. Iwata with his vision and hard work drove the company to the first place in the console and gaming market. He was focusing on building a new hardware named NX, to be unveiled next year which according to him would do wonders in improving the position of the company in the market.

Other important steps that he was planning to take were the investments in sleep-tracking and its most successful games on mobile phones. Games like The Legend of Zelda and Super Mario would prevent Nintendo from falling apart just like Sega. Iwata was right with his approach and the same vision is helping Nintendo rise again with 20.8 percent increased profit this year to 90.2 billion Yen. The company which ended up with a 9.9 billion yen loss last year is up with a profit of 8.3 billion yen this year. The company’s last fiscal year gained a $348 million profit and sales of $4.6 billion.

We are still unclear of the company’s future and with so many questions to answer about, Nintendo has estimated 3.7% rise in sales but 16.4% fall in profit in the next year. Let’s see what the new executive of the company brings to Nintendo.

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